HKASERT 10th Anniversary Celebration!

On 26th November 2016, we had the HKASERT 10th Anniversary Celebration with our sex therapy and sex education graduates. On that night, we had our honourable guests Prof. Ng Man-Lun and Prof. Ma Xiao Nian to share their precious knowledge and experience with us! We had a lot of laughs and memories refreshing us! Thank you for all you support in these 10 years and we love to see you more in the future.

If you want to see more of the lovely photos taken by our volunteer Dr. Martin Lee, please visit this link.

HKASERT 10th Anniversary Dinner

Date: 26th November 2016, Saturday


1     – Prof. Ng Man-Lun: My Love Story (我的愛情故事)

2     – Prof. Ma Xiao Nian: A glimpse of  Sex Therapy Development in China (大陸性咨詢性治療現狀)

3    – Prof. Matthew Yau: Ten Years (十年)

4     – Dr. Angela Ng : The Future of Sex Therapy and Sex Education (性治療及性教育展望)