Survey on the Sexual Self Status of Hong Kong People (Chinese Only)

The Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapist (HKASERT) is launching a survey on the Sexual Self Status of Hong Kong People.

Are you interested in understanding your own sexual self status?

Please click the link below and take 10 minutes to fill in the online questionnaire survey.
You will have a better idea about the various aspects of a person’s sexual self.

Your participation will also make valuable contribution in promoting healthy sex education in Hong Kong.

If you have any inquiry on this survey, please contact our Chairperson Prof Yau Kwai Sang Matthew or Vice-Chairperson Dr Ng Hoi Nga Anna for further information.

Past Research and Survey Findings

Sex Education Video Clips (Chinese only)

性厭惡 – 陶芍玲女士

性慾不足 – 陳美霞女士

女性性交疼痛 – 陶芍玲女士

陰道痙攣 – 吳海雅博士

性興奮不足 – 吳海雅博士

射精障礙 – 鄒兆麟醫生

男性性交疼痛 – 古錦榮先生

異常性行為 – 古錦榮先生

性機能障礙 – 陳美霞女士

性生活問題 – 吳穎英醫生

香港的性教育 – 邱貴生教授

性高潮障礙 – 吳穎英醫生

** 以上資料只作參考之用。如有需要, 請向認可性治療師或認可性教育工作者求助。 **